Raw New Zealand Kanuka Honey, 17.6oz

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GENUINE NEW ZEALAND KANUKA HONEY: Made from the nectar and pollen of the Kānuka tree (Kunzea ericoides), this unique honey is sourced from stunning native forests at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

PREMIUM QUALITY & TASTE: Kanuka Honey is a unique floral honey with rich and complex flavors and goodness in every spoon. Use it to sweeten your tea or coffee, stir it into hot lemon drinks or use it as a fragrant face mask.

MANUKA'S SHY COUSIN: The Kānuka tree is a member of the myrtle family (a.k.a. tea trees) making Kānuka honey a cousin to Mānuka honey - no wonder they both share so many special properties.

NEW ZEALAND'S BEST KEPT SECRET: Unlike its cousin (Manuka), Kanuka Honey remains a well-kept secret, known only by a handful of health-minded people. Learn more about the benefits of Kanuka in our article "What is Kanuka Honey".

RAW & UNPASTEURIZED: Our Kanuka Honey is raw & unpasteurized so that it retains all its natural goodness. You can tell it's raw by the natural crystals that form, which will dissolve with gentle heating. Nothing added or taken away - just like nature intended. 100% pure, natural raw honey in a BPA free jar.

SUPPORTING BRIGHT HOPE WORLD: For every jar of Kanuka Honey purchased, we donate $1 to Bright Hope World to help fund sustainable agricultural projects in developing countries.

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Raw New Zealand Kanuka Honey, 17.6oz Reviews

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  2. jillb

    Great value honey with delicious flavour!

  3. louisec

    Kanuka honey has a beautiful flavour

  4. clemencel

    The best honey according to my husband. Good taste, a bit tree-like or bushy… excellent texture. Love it!

  5. briann

    Made a wonderful sparking mead. The flavour of honey came through very well.

  6. sueb

    This is the honey for anyone who finds Manuka Honey just a little full-on. It’s rich but not too rich, while also offering health benefits. I love that you can not only take a teaspoon a day to keep the doctor away, but also apply it topically to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

  7. johnk

    I originally ordered Mountain Valley Kanuka honey for its special qualities in repairing some sun damaged skin I have. It has been excellent for this. I was however amazed at its unique taste. What a fantastic honey.

  8. eonl

    I have tried honey from all over the world. Your honey is indeed World Class, the Kanuka honey has excellent sweetness and great floral flavours you can taste flowers which produced this honey hats off to you and your Bees.

  9. andrewc

    We love all Mountain Valley honeys – in fact, we buy 10 jars at a time. Kanuka is just one of the many gorgeous MVH flavours we love so much.

  10. geroldm

    Initially bought this to treat rosacea on my scalp. Apply it daily for 30-45 minutes before my morning shower. Works very well, reduces redness by about 80%. Also discovered it’s a great tasting honey, by the spoonful, on toast, to sweeten herb tea, and instead of sugar for rhubarb compote. Brilliant stuff.