Our Process

From hive to honey pot we’re involved at every stage of our honey’s journey - from finding the perfect locations for our hives all the way to packing, labelling and dispatching our honey.


We carefully chose floral sources in beautiful bush and pasture areas across the top of the South Island of New Zealand. These locations are found in the Marlborough Sounds, Mount Richmond Ranges, Southern Marlborough, Tasman and Buller regions.


Murray and the beekeeping team visit our sites and work hard so our bees are in the best environment they can be and are well looked after, to ensure they can happily produce good quality honey.

From the moment our beekeepers open the beehive and pull out the first frame, they are assessing the hive to ensure the Queen is happy and there is no disease. If the hive is going well, they leave it to do its thing.

Once the bees have filled the combs and the honey is ready, our beekeepers harvest the honey boxes, while still leaving adequate stores of honey for the hive to continue to thrive.

The beekeepers then bring the honey boxes to our home base, ready for extraction.


Once our honey arrives at our home base, we process the honey boxes using our own extraction facility.

When the honey has been extracted, we pump the honey into large drums, where each batch is stored until needed. This allows time for testing, which will tell us the type of honey the batches are.

When a batch is needed, we slowly and carefully, warm the drum over a period of 5-7 days. This is to bring the honey up to a temperature that makes it easy to pump into the packing tank, then straight into the jar.

We have a strong focus on keeping the production of our honey as natural as possible. No over processing, no creaming, nothing added, and nothing taken away.

The result is a rich, golden honey that retains its original goodness and flavour for you to enjoy.

Packing & Dispatch

We still pack and label ourselves with minimal help from machines. This way, the quality control can be managed by us through the entire process.

We pack the jars into retail packs for the customer to enjoy. We have wonderful customers who we work with both online and in stores. We’ve known some of our customers for a long time, and we appreciate the feedback they give us and personal contact we’re able to have.

We do pack orders for export, however no matter if you’re a local or international customer, we ensure all our customers receive the same high standard of quality New Zealand honey.