Premium Raw New Zealand Honey

Premium Raw New Zealand Honey

Our honey is sourced from high in the mountains and deep in the valleys of native forests of New Zealand.

Premium Raw New Zealand Honey

It's the Little Things that Count

We go to great lengths to find the best locations for our bees to forage – from high in the mountains and deep in valleys of remote native forests across the top of the South Island.

Premium Raw Honey Gift Box

Raw Honey Gift Set - Box of Six

The sweetest gift! Six unique honey flavors from the native forests of New Zealand.

Premium Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey

Premium Manuka Honey MGO 83+

Sourced from the dense Mānuka forests of the Marlborough Sounds, our Mānuka is certified to meet the rigorous MPI standards for pure, authentic Mānuka Honey from New Zealand.

Premium Raw New Zealand Kanuka Honey

Premium Kanuka Honey

The Kānuka tree is a member of the myrtle family (a.k.a. tea trees) making Kānuka honey a cousin to Mānuka honey - no wonder they both share so many special properties.

Foraged From the Wilds of New Zealand

Pure, wild and beautiful. Our honey is raw, unpasteurized and uncreamed - just like nature intended.

Honouring Bees & Everything They Do

Our bees forage in remote forests, stunning mountains, pristine valleys and the hidden waterways of New Zealand.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our team prides itself on delivering the best service possible - every time. Give us a call at +64 3 541 8930.

100% Pure, Raw & Unpasteurised Honey

To honour the bees we do everything we can to ensure they are safe and happy. They are an important part of our family.

Raw Honey From the Wilds of New Zealand

Our goal is to have healthy productive hives, and full flavoured honeys for people of all walks of life to enjoy.

Mountain Valley Honey is a family owned and operated company producing a variety of raw NZ honey from the top of the stunning South Island of New Zealand.

We believe bees are amazing creatures and what they produce is something worth sharing, with New Zealand and beyond.


Caroline C.
August 24, 2019

Absolutely gorgeous honey with a lovely flavour, by far the best Manuka Honey! Always amazing customer service from Mountain Valley Honey too.

Clemence L.
August 19, 2019

The best honey according to my husband. Good taste, a bit tree-like or bushy… excellent texture. Love it!

Robin J.
August 23, 2020

Mountain Valley Manuka honey is the best I have ever tasted. I enjoy the flavour and have brought the honey as presents for others too. Great service as well.

Gerold M.
August 9, 2021

Initially bought this to treat rosacea on my scalp. Apply it daily for 30-45 minutes before my morning shower. Works very well, reduces redness by about 80%.

Pip O.
August 27, 2020

This Manuka honey is an absolute staple in our cupboard! So delicious on toast, and great to have on hand if any of us have a cold or sore throat too! Great price too, given how amazing the honey is!

Louise C.
July 6, 2019

Kanuka honey has a beautiful flavour

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